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Our books in digital format are available for purchase and download on this web site from the "Trip Scenarios" tab

Trip Scenarios

Our books in digital or paper formats are perfect companions for the independent world travelers. They help to explore the sites you should not miss while visiting a particular Destination. Our published books cover six cities that we visited in 2016: Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Denpasar and Singapore and two more: Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires which we reached in 2014. We will post more books from the trips we took earlier or will take in the future.

Under Trip Scenarios tab we offer digital copies of our books available for purchase and download. You can choose to download our Trip Scenarios in the following ebook formats:  PDF, Kindle for Amazon Kindle Fire® (KF8file .mobi) or Apple (EPUB3 file .epub) for Apple iPhone® and iPad®, Android devices and MAC computers.

Under Destinations tab we publish the list of the cities along with pictures and information about sites that we visited there.

Go to our Facebook website to preview on your iPhone or iPad one of our books (or all of them) from the links that we posted there:

If your Destination is not yet covered in one of our books we can prepare a special trip scenario just for you. Let us know the city, favorite activities and number of days you plan to spend there. We can discuss the costs when we receive your inquiry.


Booking Suggestions

We create our books based on the trips we took. For our 12 days trip to Australia we used a travel agency Down Under Answers to coordinate our flights and hotels while we arranged all our tours using Viator and For our 10 days Island Hopping trip we used Gate 1 Travel agency to organize our flights, hotels and some activities but we were on our own outside the scheduled tour times. For our new 3 weeks trip scheduled in February 2017 to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand we booked our flights and hotels and planned our itinerary in Singapore ourselves. From Singapore we will take a cruise, which we booked with Princess Cruises, to visit Malaysia and Thailand .

We can provide booking suggestions for your trip at no charge. Please use Contact tab on this web site to send email to with your inquiry.

Photo books memorizing our travels and life events

Photo books memorizing our travels and life events

Photo Books

We love creating photo books out of our pictures taken while traveling. We use web site and their software that we downloaded to our PC. It is not difficult but takes a lot of time to choose the right pictures and templates for book pages.

We can make a photo book from your pictures taken on any occasion so you can save time and cherish your memories sooner.

You can preview our book from Gambia and Senegal made in 2016. Highlight the link, right-click on it and choose "Open Link in New Tab" option.