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We want to encourage the serious globetrotters of any age to travel and discover the world independently. You don't need to trot behind a guide, surrounded by 20-30 strangers while visiting a city in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia or Europe. Big cities are easy and relatively safe, if you use common sense, to explore. We traverse the globe, explore its destinations, suggest travel itineraries and create guide BOOKS for all individual travelers to benefit. You can book your flights, hotels and use our ITINERARIES to get away for a week or more to roam the globe and visit one of our favorite SIGHTS. It is fun to follow your own interests and spend as much time as you want in each chosen city neither being rushed by the tour guide nor waiting for the tour members that are late. Get vacation ideas, helpful advice and insider tips from your savvy travel coach, the serious globetrotter like yourself!


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Our BOOKS are based on the real, taken not made up, trips. We follow the ITINERARIES, that we prepare ahead of time. We consult other travelers' opinions before booking flights, hotels and activities. It takes time to prepare for a trip, to make sure one benefits from the invested money. Most of us in the US have only 2-3 weeks of vacation in a year so we cannot waste them on asking "what are we going to do?" when we get there.

You can get our ITINERARIES in PDF format from the FREE ITINERARIES tab on this page. If you want to have our BOOK, full of beautiful pictures and more information about the places you are going to visit, in a paper or pdf format you need to pay for it. Our Apple books are now free of charge.

You can download a DIGITAL BOOK you need in a desired format (PDF or Apple) from the BUY BOOKS PDF or BUY BOOKS APPLE tabs on this website. Our BOOKS in paper and digital media formats are available for public viewing and sale on the We posted the links to our Blurb books inside each DIGITAL BOOK's introduction on this website. We also have our DIGITAL BOOKS in Apple format available for preview and sale in the Apple iBooks store.  

If your cannot find your destination under WORLD SIGHTS or US SIGHTS tabs, you can hire us to assist you with preparing the ITINERARY for your own dream trip. Skip the tedious hours in front of the computer. We can handle the details and help to create the plan that best suits your needs. The price will depend on how quickly you need it and how many days you would like us to cover. After you come back from your trip we can create your own BOOK based on your own pictures of visited places from your ITINERARY. Please check SERVICES tab for more details and use CONTACT tab to send your request for assistance.